Sándor Anikó, Cserti-Szauer Csilla : Szerkesztői előszó

Részlet a tanulmányból: “Szeretettel osztjuk meg az Olvasóval a Fogyatékosság és Társadalom című folyóirat 2022. évi első lapszámát, amelyet Gombos Gábor kollégánk és barátunk emlékének ajánlunk. Gábor a folyóirat alapító szerkesztőbizottságának tagja, nemzetközileg elismert emberi jogi szakértő volt. A hazai fogyatékosságtudomány és a pszichiátriai túlélők mozgalmának egyik úttörőjétől búcsúzunk.”

DOI: 10.31287/FT.hu.2022.1.1

Lengyel lea : “I have female vanity in me, because I’m a woman after all”: The self-image of homeless women

The study presents the results of a qualitative research done among homeless women about their female selfimage. Women and men live through becoming homeless differently. For women it is a more traumatic experience to lose their social connections, to be deprived of their parental and marital roles, to feel vulnerable or afraid of being attacked,... Read more
DOI: 10.31287/FT.hu.2022.1.2

Kővári Bettina, Kondor Zsuzsa : The representation of persons with psychosocial disabilities in young adult literature

This article elaborates the representation of persons with psychosocial disabilities in young adult literature in Hungary, using the models of disability studies for the analysis. The goal of the research is to provide an overview on how Hungarian society thinks about persons with psychosocial disabilities. The research focuses on the questions of how persons with... Read more
DOI: 10.31287/FT.hu.2022.1.4

Fodor Henriett, Bányai Borbála : Online stories of adults diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder in light of a participatory research

Most of the people living with psychosocial disabilities are “invisible” for the majority; the “barriers” of their existence are not apparent, still, compared to other groups of people with disabilities, people with psychosocial disabilities are mainly treated with negatively by society. It probably can be traced back to these prejudices, that more and more peer... Read more
DOI: 10.31287/FT.hu.2022.1.5

Hoffmann Mária Rita : Ableism and disability on land and in waters: A dolphin’s tale about people, paying a special tribute to a fabulous dolphin

This paper recounts Winter’s, the empowering, prosthetic-tailed Dolphin‘s life. The author aims to tell and reflect on tales and truths regarding Winter’s incredible story – by relating to the dolphin’s life from various perspectives in order to record and highlight both well-known and rarely considered aspects. She aims to initiate readers to think over contexts... Read more
DOI: 10.31287/FT.hu.2022.1.6

Sándor Anikó, Katona Vanda : “The most important thing is not to be afraid of us”: The life story of Sándor Harmati

Sándor Harmati (1957–2020) is one of Hungary’s best-known self-advocates, a participant and speaker at numerous Hungarian and international conferences. He was committed to abolishing guardianship and building a Supported Decision Making system in order to enhance the self-determination of disabled people. In June 2019, we had the honor of being the guests of Sándor, listening... Read more
DOI: 10.31287/FT.hu.2022.1.10

Berzsenyi Emese, Loványi Eszter : How did we prepare for the lector’s language exam? – A narrative report

This article is the authors’ parallel account through which the readers can become familiar with two inclusive approaches. Through the shared experiences of a teacher and a student, they demonstrate that the participatory approach can also be effective in learning situations for which there are no good practices and examples available. When the lives of... Read more
DOI: 10.31287/FT.hu.2022.1.11