Dear Reader,

Welcome to the home page of Hungarian Journal of Disability Studies & Special Education, an interdisciplinary, electronic, scientific periodical.

The journal was published in print between 2009 and 2017.

The e-journal has been present within the national scientific community since 2018.

The founding executive editors were György Könczei and Zsuzsa Mesterházi.
Their words to the readers in the first issue are still valid today:

“… disabled people and the phenomenon of disability are simultaneously placed at the center of reflection, research and discourses. We will apply gestures and techniques of both distancing and approaching. In the exploratory phase of theory-based research, we will gather experiences, social networks, historical and social contexts of a multiplicity of biographies. At the same time, we give voice to disabled people, individual life journeys and we relate life stories in their amazing complexities.”

The journal also invites contributions that are not specifically on disability issues but through inspiring exchange of ideas, they may contribute to a broad exploration and interpretation of disabled people’s social status and the phenomenon of disability.

We identify researchers and practitioners as the primary target audience. The journal pays special attention to give doctoral students opportunities to publish their papers.

We consider understanding and promoting disabled persons’ voices of major importance, thus we regularly present several pieces, for example poems, blog posts, essays of their narratives.

We also provide space for presentations and reviews of disability-related books and pieces of art.

The journal publishes anonymously peer-reviewed academic articles.
The journal is published twice a year, in June and December, and includes Hungarian and English studies.

The journal is supported by external grants and internal University, Faculty resources.
The journal does not charge any fees to authors.

Thank you for joining us and enjoy reading!

The Editorial Board of the Hungarian Journal of Disability Studies & Special Education