For the authors

Hungarian Journal of Disability Studies & Special Education is an academic journal published twice a year, in June and December.

We accept manuscripts in Hungarian or English until the deadlines below, but on a year-round basis:

  • for the first issue by 31 January
  • for the second issue until 30 April

The journal does not charge any fees to authors.

The editorial board accepts manuscripts that have not yet been submitted or published in another journal.

Advertisment is not published in the journal by the editorial board.

Content Guidelines

  • Title of the manuscript in Hungarian and English
  • Abstract of the manuscript in Hungarian and English (max. 1000 characters)
  • 3 – 5 keywords in English and Hungarian
    (Please check the journal’s keyword list before defining keywords.)
  • affiliation
    • author name
    • author’s place of work in English and Hungarian
    • author’s official e-mail address
    • author’s ORCID
  • author’s introduction in Hungarian and English (max. 500 characters)

Technical Format and Style Guidelines

Review process from the submission of the manuscript till the publication of the article:

  • Submission of the manuscript by the deadline’s above
    • The editor-in-chief decides on the acceptance of the manuscript and informs the author by e-mail.
  • Double blind peer-review
    • The manuscript will be peer-reviewed by 2 professionals with academic degree on the basis of the following criteria. The identity of the author is not known by the reviewers, the identity of the reviewers is not known by the author.
    • The author may withdraw the manuscript if the reviewer’s suggestions do not arrive within 120 days after the manuscript’s submission.
    • The editorial preface is reviewed only by the editor-in-chief.
    • The reviewer’s suggestions are not published.
  • Proofreading of the revised article based on the reviewer’s suggestions (if it is relevant)
  • Checking DOI identifiers in reference lists
  • Preparing the revised version of the article for publishing based on the proofreader’s suggestions (if it is relevant)
  • Publishing the article on the journal’s website.
    (For further publishing , please refer to ’About the journal / Open access to articles’ section of our website.)

For copyright conditions, please check ’About the journal / Publisher’s policy’ section of our website.

Manuscripts for publication should be sent to the following e-mail address: 

Contact person: dr. Sándor, Anikó

Please note the content, the technical format and style guidelines indicated above.

Thank you for your cooperation.