Kiss Valéria : Protecting Dignity: Analysis of the Literary Representation of Legal Issues Related to Dementia

Dementia is one of the biggest challenges aging societies are facing in the 21st century. I examine how the topic of (1) preparation after diagnosis and (2) the theme of guardianship, care, and preservation of dignity appears in some literary works dealing with dementia. The extensive literature on Alzheimer’s disease provides valuable empirical material for... Read more
DOI: 10.31287/FT.en.2021.2.7

Peszeki Dorina : Research to support participatory approach, self – advocacy and easy-to-read communication

The current study presents four ideas that frame an ongoing research program: self-advocacy, the critical analysis of guardianship, participatory research, easy-to-read communication. The research program as a novelty aims contributing to the development of intellectually disabled people’s self-advocacy skills. We implement this by asking them about guardianship. We invited to the research program as a... Read more
DOI: 10.31287/

Vida Fanni, Iván Zoltán, Kalányos György : Everyday decisions of persons with intellectual disabilities in supported living services

Our study is a participatory research carried out in cooperation between disabled and nondisabled persons, based on the theoretical context of Disability Studies. The research explores how people with intellectual disabilities can exercise their rights to supported decisions in a supported living arrangement, which is located in Budapest. Results of the semi structured interviews have... Read more
DOI: 10.31287/

Stánicz Péter : Individual autonomy in the storm of paradigm shifts – Supported Decision Making and the dignity of risk

The study adopts a fundamental rights point of view in analysing the concept of supported decision-making. The basis of the study are the paradigm shifts vis-a-vis the concept of individual autonomy, a process that is significantly shaped by the paradigm shifts of fundamental rights. The fundamental rights revolution puts the paradigm shift of substituted –... Read more
DOI: 10.31287/

Maléth Anett, Sándor Anikó : The therapeutic jurisprudence as a paradigm that supports the implementation of supported decision making: thoughts about the fruitful co-operations between different disciplines

Our empirical research has shown that in the framework of the current regulation of legal capacity, it is not possible to support adults with disabilities in accordance with international professional guidelines in community-based settings. In this paper, we use the desk research method to provide an analysis of the relevant Hungarian, German, and English literature.... Read more
DOI: 10.31287/