Kaló Cintia Georgina, Horváth Péter László:

An insight into the current status of supported and substituted decision making

2019/2 | #guardians #non-governmental organizations #research results #social services #substituted decision making #supported decision making #supporters | DOI: 10.31287/FT.hu.2019.2.7

Substituted and supported decision making and the subject of legal capacity, has been one of the most important areas of disability policy since the entry into force of the relevant legislation in 2013 and 2014, and at the same time, also one of the least explored from scientific perspective. Everyone has the right to live in legal certainty and to decide on important issues in their lives. It is a duty to protect human dignity and freedom, and represent your interests in accordance with the principle of equality. This must be also the right of every person with a disability, even if they need assistance. Our aim was to find out how this is realized in practice for disabled adults. Therefore, in our research we examined the functioning of the supported decision making system and the guardianship system The present study does not interpret the law, the research deals with the application of the law and the practical operation of legal institutions.