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Individual autonomy in the storm of paradigm shifts – Supported Decision Making and the dignity of risk

2019/2 | #dignity of risk #paradigm shift #substituted decision making #supported decision making | DOI: 10.31287/

The study adopts a fundamental rights point of view in analysing the concept of supported decision-making. The basis of the study are the paradigm shifts vis-a-vis the concept of individual autonomy, a process that is significantly shaped by the paradigm shifts of fundamental rights. The fundamental rights revolution puts the paradigm shift of substituted – supported decision making into a new context: one that is built on the utmost respect for personal autonomy and dignity. This approach provides guidance in identifying the key elements and challenges of supported decision-making. Furthermore, the study takes a stand against the over-protecting paternalistic approach to persons with intellectual disabilities, emphasising the value in all decisions, the dignity of risk.