Sándor Anikó:

Participatory Innovation and Diverse Users Results of a Targeted Literature Review

2023/2 | #“Nothing about us without us!” #participation #participatory innovation #responsible science #user involvement | DOI: 10.31287/FT.en.2023.2.3

The aim of this paper is to explore the basic concepts and various conceptualisations of participatory innovation processes. This analysis is part of a multi-stage research project within the disciplinary framework of Disability Studies and Innovation Management.
Through targeted and integrative literature analysis, I examined how the literature defines participatory innovation and what benefits and challenges can be identified in applying this method. I analysed 8 studies deductively along the following predefined categories: theoretical concept and topic of innovation; stakeholders; methods; benefits and challenges.
The results show that the implementation of a participatory innovation generates sustainable results that are responsive to user needs. The impact can be both transformative and productive regarding the entire community. A challenge is that the process is time-consuming and can lead to difficulties if stakeholders are not motivated or even actively oppose the process. To ensure that no one experiences involvement as a constraint or as another empty concept to be ticked off, roles, tasks and objectives need to be clearly defined and understood by all.
In the light of my findings, I introduce a new concept of participatory innovation that may be suitable for the involvement of disabled users in development processes.