Czakó Gabriela, Szalay Anna Lilla:

“The two of us, the two of us together...” Exploring the topics of relationships and sexuality – experiences of a participatory research project

2023/1 | #„Nothing about us #participatory research #qualitative research #relationships #sexuality #without us!” | DOI: 10.31287/

This study provides insight into a participatory, qualitative research. Its main topics are romantic relationships and sexuality among people with disabilities. Six adults with intellectual disabilities took part in the research,
and they told their stories and told us about their connection to the topic using the PhotoVoice method. The research was conducted by the authors of this study: Anna Lilla Szalay was a participatory researcher, and Gabriela Czakó participated as a student and researcher writing her thesis. The interviews were analysed by the two researchers in an equal way, according to the “Nothing about us, without us!” principle.