Cziráki Zsolt, Horváth Péter László, Ladányi Lili, Magyar Adél, Pukánszky Béla, Porkoláb Mihály, Sallai Ilona Éva:

The establishment of an Easy-to-Read Information Centre (KÉIK) at the Special Needs Education Training Institute in Szeged

2021/1 | #easy-to-read communication #Easy-to-Read Information Centre #research and innovation project | DOI: 10.31287/

As members of the information society, the possession of information has become a necessity of existence. We need to be well informed in all aspects of our lives as we make our decisions accordingly. The language level of information is usually in line with the mainstream society, which makes it difficult for people with intellectual disabilities to understand them. Easy-to-read communication is a possibility of providing accessible information for all. Between 2020 and 2023, the University of Szeged is working on the establishment of an information centre which adapts and applies this method to Hungarian. The Institute of Special Needs Education in Szeged is working on the implementation of the research and innovation project in cooperation with several organizations. In line with participatory approach persons with intellectual disabilities are also members of the Advisory Board. In this study we describe the objectives related to the pillars of the project, as well as the tasks of the management team and the Advisory Board. We present the project in details, such as the organization of study tours, the planning, accreditation and implementation of a teacher training program and curriculum development. The latter element include the translations of studies into Hungarian, the publication of domestic studies, the creation of an illustration gallery adapted to the curriculum of students with intellectual disabilities, the publication of guidelines in Hungarian, the training of supervisors, and the production of informational short films. The aim of our publication is to introduce the project to a wider professional and social audience