Borosné Rimaszombati Dóra:

The case study of the relationship between easy-to-understand communication and Hublow reading teaching method

2021/1 | #case study #easy-to-read communication #Hublow method #language levels #teaching to read | DOI: 10.31287/

The current study connects easy-to-read communication to the Hublow reading teaching method. In the theor- etical part, I examined the content of the national pedagogical documents (Guidelines, Curriculum) related to teaching of reading, the hindering and supporting aspects to interpret reading in a wide context. In addition to the detailed presentation of the two methods, I intend to describe the barriers of texts used in everyday life for persons with intellectual disability. I examined several systems of language competencies; I sought the possibility of a broader interpretation of reading. The theory is supported by a detailed description of my practical experience, which I obtained teaching children with intellectual disabilities using the Hublow method.