Könczei György, Hernádi Ilona:

Debates Unmasked A polemic essay on our scientific debates in Disability Studies – typology, framings and their role in constituting knowledge.

2023/1 | #constituting knowledge #critical disability studies #framing by power relations #hidden debate #nondebate #power #types of scientific debate | DOI: 10.31287/FT.hu.2023.1.2

This polemic essay is a contribution to the international literature on scientific debates. It interprets and typifies the nature of scientific debates, analyses their functions and places them in new conceptual contexts. Its
general conclusions about the scientific debates are embedded in the results of internal debates in the field of Disability Studies and Critical Disability Studies (CDS). The aim here is to create some new, e.g., power
related frameworks, points for future discussions.
We interpret, reinterpret the concepts and types of scientific debates, reflecting some international ones, those which partly or fundamentally changed the intellectual realm of CDS. The authors took part in
hundreds of scientific debates in the last three, four decades. A partial record of their observations in the wake of these discussions is presented below.