Farkas Jácint:

Existential Disability and Deep Accessibility or Philosophy as a “Subjective” Science

2023/1 | #deep accessibility #existential disability #existential philosophy #functional disability #philosophy of emptiness #philosophy of science | DOI: 10.31287/FT.hu.2023.1.8

The study is hermeneutic in nature, seeking to understand and interpret phenomena rather than to provide causal explanations. Accordingly, the findings reported are for the purpose of hermeneutics, not empirical
proof. The focus of our study is to present the subjective nature of philosophy as a value and, closely related to this, to present new “paradigms” of existential disability and deep accessibility. These are also presented as two explicit results of subjective and intuitive cognition and knowledge generation. Our study is a selfconsciously eclectic snapshot, a “sketch map” of the journey to the origins of the two concepts, which has
taken us to the present day. This is why we avoid the linear approach common in mainstream writing, and we do not aim to present the full philosophical or hermeneutical “background”.