Róka Luca:

Career Guidance for Disadvantaged Students in the Hungarian Education System.

2020/2 | #career choice #career counselling #career guidance #disadvantaged groups #schools’ support | DOI: 10.31287/FT.en.2020.2.7

During the 20th Century career guidance attracted more attention and in the course of the last hundred years it has became an aim to support it with career counselling, specific activities and other services aimed at helping students find their profession. Students from disadvantaged social groups particularly need further support, as they often do not have adequate support from their family or environment, which makes choosing a career even more difficult. Without the appropriate support they can easily choose a career that is not right for them and not all of them have the chance to choose and learn a new career later. The aim of this study is to summarise the career counselling, activities and other services that are provided inside and outside schools for students from disadvantaged backgrounds and to map the knowledge and experience that students have of career guidance.