Sándor Anikó:

Self-determination Opportunities of Persons with High Support Needs

2021/2 | #disability studies #people with high support needs #self-determination | DOI: 10.31287/FT.en.2021.2.2

Based on the theoretical framework of Critical Disability Studies, the paper presents the characteristics of self-determination of persons with high support needs in different types of living arrangements in Hungary. It examines the available support for persons with high support needs in Hungary to ensure self-determination in different areas of life that are relevant to them. Within the qualitative, participatory paradigm, participant observations, interviews and focus group interviews were conducted. The study concludes that some elements of self-determination can be observed in all forms of living arrangements, typically as a part of the everyday routine, but at the same time, people with high support needs also experience very serious restraints and abuse. The practice of promoting self-determination is clearly influenced by the level of support needs and by the type of living arrangement. All actors are involved in systemic oppressive mechanisms, therefore the underlying power relations must be deconstructed.