Rékasi Nikolett, Svastics Carmen, Cserti-Szauer Csilla, Kovács Gábor, Kalász Veronika:

Career Paths: Work Opportunities for Persons with Visual Impairment

2021/2 | #career guidance #labour market inclusion #narrative life-story interview #persons with visual impairment | DOI: 10.31287/FT.en.2021.2.5

The inclusion of persons with disabilities, and among them, persons with visual impairment in the labour market has been of increasing importance on the international and Hungarian employment agendas for decades. Various support services, including career guidance and labour market services, have proved to facilitate successful inclusion strongly. In this paper, we present the first steps of a Hungarian research project in which the milestones of the career paths of persons with visual impairment will be traced through personal narratives. We outline the current trends in the employment of persons with visual impairment and highlight career guidance and labour market services from a Disability Studies perspective. The paper provides a summary and theoretical basis for the design and implementation of the upcoming empirical research aiming to enrich domestic research and development in the given area.