Loványi Eszter:

Can service dogs really accompany their owners almost “everywhere”? Results of an interview-based survey carried out with the representatives of public service providers

2021/1 | #equal access #inclusive research #public service #service dog | DOI: 10.31287/FT.hu.2021.1.13

Service dog owners face the fact that – despite the existing legislative provisions – they are denied the use of some (public) service due to the presence of their specially trained four-legged companions. The study – based on the lessons learned from the broader spectrum studies carried out among service dog owners – presents 15 interviews and their content analysis made with MAXQDA software. The study revealed “diverse” reasons behind the conflicts. The study is closed with a proposal package and a supporting impact path map in order to facilitate a solution that is acceptable for everyone. The author was strongly influenced by the inclusive (emancipatory) approach as she is also affected (her everyday life is made easier by hearing dogs), so she shares her personal experiences as well.