For the authors

Hungarian Journal of Disability Studies & Special Education is an academic journal published twice a year.

We accept manuscripts in Hungarian or English until the deadlines below, but on a year-round basis:

  • for the first issue by 31 January
  • for the second issue until 30 April

Content Guidelines

  • Title of the manuscript in Hungarian and English
  • Abstract of the manuscript in Hungarian and English (max. 1000 characters)
  • 3 – 5 keywords in English and Hungarian
    (Please check the journal’s keyword list before defining keywords.)
  • affiliation
    • author name
    • author’s place of work in English and Hungarian
    • author’s official e-mail address
    • author’s ORCID
  • author’s introduction in Hungarian and English (max. 500 characters)

Technical Format and Style Guidelines

Review process from the submission of the manuscript till the publication of the article:

  • Submission of the manuscript by the deadline’s above
  • Double blind peer-review (The manuscript will be peer-reviewed by 2 professionals with academic degree. The identity of the author is not known by the reviewers, the identity of the reviewers is not known by the author.)
  • Proofreading of the revised article based on the reviewer’s suggestions (if it is relevant)
  • Checking DOI identifiers in reference lists
  • Preparing the revised version of the article for publishing based on the proofreader’s suggestions (if it is relevant)
  • Publishing the article on the journal’s website.
    (For further publishing , please refer to ’About the journal / Open access to articles’ section of our website.)

For copyright conditions, please check ’About the journal / Publisher’s policy’ section of our website.

Manuscripts for publication should be sent to the following e-mail address: 

Please note the content, the technical format and style guidelines indicated above.

Thank you for your cooperation.