Bánfalvy Csaba:

The Social Integration of Disabled Persons: The Contribution of Education and Employment.

2020/2 | #inclusive education #inclusive society #knowledge based community #social policy | DOI: 10.31287/FT.en.2020.2.3

The paper is based on the findings of INCLUD-ED ם Strategies for inclusion and social cohesion in Europe from education (2006–2011), a European Union research project. The main purpose of the project was to map educational strategies that might enhance | Hungarian Journal of Disability social cohesion as well as those leading to social exclusion within the European knowledge based community. INCLUD-ED also aimed to provide key elements and lines of action to improve educational and social policy (European Commission, 2011). Successful educational actions highlighted by the INCLUD-ED project even today might support schools in becoming learning communities, besides promoting the involvement of families to their children’s pathways, and establishing intersectoral integrative actions. (Flecha, 2015)