Berzsenyi Emese, Loványi Eszter:

How did we prepare for the lector’s language exam? – A narrative report

2022/1 | #equality in tertiary education #hearing impairment #lector’s language exam #participatory approach | DOI: 10.31287/

This article is the authors’ parallel account through which the readers can become familiar with two inclusive approaches. Through the shared experiences of a teacher and a student, they demonstrate that the participatory approach can also be effective in learning situations for which there are no good practices and examples available. When the lives of the remedial teacher-sociologist doctoral candidate and the expert, who works on a great deal of German translations and has experience in disability studies, intersected, and they decided to prepare together for the lector’s language exam, there was no other possibility left, but to create a new learning methodology – based on the previously tried learning methods. It has been proven to them that participationbased work allows the individual features prevail even more. The participatory approach appears in an even less usual form in the accounts: the hearing impaired person reflects to the recollections of the expert in comments. In summary: the common work of the disabled and non-disabled people is supported by the new, inclusive approaches of disability studies. This article also supports that disabled people can, in effect, participate in making the decisions and creating the methods that influence their lives as they are the experts of their own lives.