Losoncz Mária, Bogdán Bianka, Cserti-Szauer Csilla, Katona Vanda, Sándor Anikó:

Experiences of an Innovative and Inclusive Curriculum Development in Higher Education

2018/1 | DOI: 10.31287/FT.en.2018.1.7

In this paper, experiences of a three-year training development project, realised in the Path of Deinstitutionalization – Urgent Moves programme, are presented. The course titled ‘Theory and Practice of Supported Living’ is the outcome of the development, which includes many innovative elements. From these, we highlight the diverse cooperation with national and international higher education and non-governmental actors, and the inclusive higher education practice, which was given an award of excellence by Tempus Public Foundation last year. Our work is innovative not only because it uses modern pedagogical tools, such as project method, cooperative learning, and the team teaching model, but also because curriculum developers at the Faculty of Special Needs Education were the first to use the inclusive methodology in higher education in Hungary.