Fazekas Ágnes Sarolta:

Inclusive Design of the Teaching and Learning Environment of Higher Education

2019/1 | DOI: 10.31287/FT.hu.2019.1.3

The study focuses on the barriers of teaching and learning environment of higher education (learning organization, methodology) for people with disabilities. The study includes the most relevant definitions and provides a brief overview of the types of support provision. According to the international literature, the study showcases theories of (which is different in quality from the current national practice) the Inclusive Teaching and Learning Environment and highlights one educational model. This approach, design method aims to dismantle barriers. The essay provides a brief overview, a review of the connecting Hungarian discussions, literature. The novelty is to identify barriers in the teaching and learning environment for people with disabilities and introducing educational models that are not being known or hardly known in a domestic professional environment, discussions. The aim of the essay is to highlight new approaches to become known and discussed in a wider professional circle.