Berényi Zoltánné:

The emergence of easy-to-read communication as innovation related to inclusive educational process

2021/1 | #democratic rights #easy-to-read teaching material #equal opportunities #inclusive education #innovation #the competencies of the teacher who supports inclusive education | DOI: 10.31287/

The study presents the review of a methodological innovation introduced in a rural primary school that provides inclusive education for students with learning disabilities. Our aim is to illustrate how inclusive education of diverse students – involving those with learning disabilities – might be achieved by creating easy-to-read teaching materials. As a result of the current development, the competencies of teachers who support inclusive education might be transformed: the emphasis shifts a) to cooperation with the mainstream classroom teacher from the separated individual development of the students; b) to create easy-to-read teaching materials that allow the mainstream teacher to differentiate in the classroom. The study also addresses the need to adapt tools for assessing students’ knowledge. Based on the opinions of teachers and students involved in the application of the method, as well as my systematic observations, it seems that with easy-to-read communication, students can be well motivated to perform reading tasks, become more effective, and increase their performance.