Könczei György:

We Already Know How the ‘Sunny Side’ Works, Let Us Now Try to understand the Effects of the ‘Dark Side’ on the Lives of People with Disabilities (Summary of the Research Plan)

2018/1 | DOI: 10.31287/FT.en.2018.1.2

“1. Introduction
Younger members of our research group – PhD-students and postdocs – do have a significant cumulative publication list. All of them are members of Disability Studies – DS – (Post)Doctoral Workshop (DSDW) that was founded approx. 5 years ago. The PI started his research on the field of DS exactly 30 years ago. Much more than 100 publications, membership in international boards, a successful Fulbright research professor year in the USA were integral parts of these 30 years. Furthermore, there were important projects successfully carried out during the last decade: the Disability History Touring Exhibit (that was shown in biggest Hungarian cities and even in the Palace of Council of Europe), three semesters of Open University on DS and 1st Hungarian DS Conference in 2013. The idea of our main hypothesis came up in DSDW. Are there counter tendencies of the positive developments (e.g. CRPD) in our postmodern age? Rising of Critical DS, as a critical social science discipline did have a relevant effect on our way of thinking.”