Könczei György:

New Examples and Approaches in Methodology for the Writing of the History of Disability

2018/1 | DOI: 10.31287/FT.en.2018.1.3

“1. Introduction – the contextual framework
1.1. Discard or hold in high esteem?
A specific vantage point in research efforts in the context of the history of disability In this paper our scrutiny regarding the history of disability aims to undertake the reconstruction of patterns perceived in the context of both the acceptance and exclusion of persons with disability. The continuous revisiting of this topic, broken down to research-related questions formulated time and time again, is an essential ingredient of the research effort, due partly to the changing components perceived in the development of society, partly to new findings rooted in the nature of science in development. The primary focus of our paper is related to specific methodological issues in the context of the history of disability.”