Szarapka Dóra:

Easy-to-read news and the creation of them

2021/1 | #easy-to-read information #easyto- read news #good practices abroad #innovations in Hungary and Vojvodina #people with intellectual disabilities #rights related to mass media | DOI: 10.31287/

The current study gives a review of international examples related to easy-to-read news writing, and a description of my innovation activity, which was implemented in Vojvodina. The concept and practice of easy-to read communication has been present in foreign literature and mass communication for several decades. After reviewing the rights related to mass media the steps of easy-to-read content creation is summarised. I present American, German, Swedish, Belgian and Hungarian good practices. Serbia is not a European Union member state, but as a result of a program easy-to-read communication is well known in the Hungarian territories of Vojvodina, and people have access to easy-to-read news on the World Wide Web. I hope my innovation from Vojvodina might serve as a model for editors-in-chief and journalists of news portals who intend to create new for All!