Svastics Carmen, Csillag Sára, Győri Zsuzsanna:

Entrepreneurs with Disabilities in Hungary: A New Solution for Work Inclusion?

2020/2 | #entrepreneurs with disabilities #labour market participation #motivation | DOI: 10.31287/FT.en.2020.2.12

Our paper examines the motivations of persons with disabilities for establishing a business venture as a possible solution to unemployment and to challenges experienced in the labour market. By highlighting the results of an exploratory qualitative research project, with a sample group of ten Hungarian entrepreneurs living with sight loss and physical disabilities, we wish to contribute to the growing body of empirical research on entrepreneurs with disabilities. We suggest that entrepreneurship may provide some of the flexibility, career options and challenges needed by persons with disabilities to fulfil their true potentials and participate in the labour market. While the sample size may represent serious limitations, our aim was to draw attention to the labour market activities of entrepreneurs with disabilities (EWD) and to explore and indicate some initial patterns and insights, which could deepen the academic and professional understanding of their situation in the future and inform both academia and policy.