Span Stefania, Clementi Patrizia, Arbulla Deborah:

Accessible museum. Easy Language and Augmentative and Alternative Communication for science education

2023/1 | #easy-to-understand language #equal access #museum #people with intellectual disabilities #people with learning disabilities | DOI: 10.31287/

In addition to physical barriers, many people also face so-called cultural barriers every day: these are most evident in the area of access to information. By providing the right tools, these barriers can also be overcome in order to talk about real inclusion and real participation in society.
The project Cooperativa Sociale Trieste Integrazione a marchio Anffas Onlus, in partnership with the Trieste Museum of Natural History, offers two solutions to ensure access to information, culture and shared knowledge. The project participants have developed two differently supported visitor pathways: one that supports the museum visit with texts in easy-to-understand language, and one that mobilises the tools of Augmentative and Alternative Communication to enhance the visitor experience.